DigiConsult helps you in integrating the appropriate Wi-Fi networking for your smart buildings

July 20, 2018

Wi-Fi is the popular choice for home and business networks with the possibilities of offering local area networks to operate with minimal cable and wiring. Integrating good working principles for Wi-Fi in your smart buildings will tone up compatibility and efficient communication between your devices to create a smart environment. DigiConsult can assist you in integrating a proper Wi-Fi networking approach in your smart buildings to ensure proper communication and security between your devices and allowing business partners to be more productive and focus on the assigned task regardless of location.
About Wi-Fi networking and its working principle

Wi-Fi is one type of wireless technology creating connectivity between devices. There is a range of hardwired and wireless network technologies which are been used to deliver the intelligence within a smart building, including Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi is a really mature technology and has now a large ecosystem which makes this technology reliable with affordable equipment.Wi-Fi is a high-speed internet connection and network connection without use of any cables or wires. The wireless network is operating three essential elements that are radio signals, antenna and router. The radio waves are keys which make the Wi-Fi networking possible. The computers and cell phones are ready with Wi-Fi cards. Wi-Fi compatibility has been using a new creation to constituent within the ground connected with community network. The actual broadcast is connected with in sequence, in fact, it is completed by way of stereo system surf as well as the worth of wires with monitor to classification prone. Wi-Fi allows the person in order to get access to web any place in the actual provided area. You can now generate a system within Resorts, library, schools, colleges, campus, personal institutes, as well as espresso stores as well as on the open public spot to help to make your company much more lucrative as well as interact with their own customer whenever. Wi-Fi compatibility can make surf with stare to company using their inspiring cable television much a smaller amount force down.

Smart Buildings wireless communications

Smart Buildings needs vary depending on the type of the building but generally, it is about allowing a better control and monitoring of the building itself and how it is used. There are a lot of different equipment developed nowadays allowing us to do so. Actuators, automation and control equipment are a part of it but the main components are the sensors. Indeed, a lot of sensor is needed throughout the building in order to be able to collect all the information needed and with the appropriate granularity level. All use wireless communication technologies and most work by harvesting energy from their environment (solar, heat, mechanical, induction, …)

Wi-Fi integration in Smart building for data communication with sensors

Smart Buildings and Wi-Fi technologies get the data and communicate with the sensors, actuators and automation and control equipment. There are only two possibilities: with wire or with wireless technologies. Running cables through all the building would involve an extremely high deployment cost, especially when retrofitting an existing building. Therefore, the wireless technologies are the only alternative. And their versatility is a strong advantage. The final goal would be to use only wireless device and run them on batteries for years or with harvesting energy from the environment.  Indeed, expensive and proprietary technologies can’t compete that much with cheap emerging technologies promoted by strong consortiums. The diversity of technologies is also a good point since the needs won’t be the same for a Smart Home and a Smart Building.

The Security aspect with Wi-Fi technology

Security is impartment element in the Wi-Fi technology. Security is our personal decision but having a wireless connection we should pay attention to protect our private details. We can connect easily to unsecured wireless routers. The problem is any one is connected to your wire less router using the data like download games, download apps and planning terrorist activities, shirring illegal music and movie files etc. So it is necessary to provide security to the wireless technologies based devices. All routers have a web page that you can connect for configuring the Wi-Fi security. And turn on WEP (Wire Equivalence Privacy) and enter a password and remember this password. Next time when you will connect your laptop Wi-Fi router will ask you to enter the connection password and you enter that password.

DigiConsult is the reference for keeping abreast of the latest technological development. DigiConsult can assist you in integrating a proper Wi-Fi networking approach in your smart buildings to ensure proper communication and security between your devices and allowing business partners to be more productive and focus on the assigned task regardless of location. Contact us on +230 2331636.




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