An EC3 platform to add value to your property

November 23, 2018

The EC3 unique centre which controls and integrates all existing and future technologies that would be required in any large scale real estate or smart city project. What sets it apart is the use of intelligent technologies and its ability to achieve integration and control of all the clients assets, from Energy, Security, Water, Sensor and others. In addition to collecting and analyzing all the data gathered in real time, the EC3 also ensures that emerging technologies such as Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, IOT and others will allow the snart-cities to speed up the response time to its users

Anatomy Of An Enterprise Command Center
An enterprise command center gives IT teams the situational awareness and tools to manage proactive and reactive issues that affect business services and operations.

The architecture of an enterprise command center includes the business and IT stakeholders, technology tools and the infrastructure elements that interact with and comprise IT services for the enterprise.

  • Business Units. As enterprise IT teams evolve to serve as internal IT service providers to their business units, a command center provides the platform to deliver and optimize these services in a multi-tenant way.
  • IT and Application Services Teams. Whether enterprise IT is organized by technology towers, service categories or applications, multiple “tower” teams need to collaborate and have a consolidated view across their infrastructure to move fast enough to meet the needs of today’s business. The enterprise command center provides the platform that teams can leverage to coordinate response and share common services.
  • Tools Stack. Enterprises will have multiple IT operations tools in their stack, including ITSM tools and technology- or application-specific monitoring point tools. The command center integrates this myriad of tools into a single framework that leverages APIs and automation to consolidate alerts, events and metrics across tools to provide the right insights to drive action.
  • IT Infrastructure. The enterprise command center has line of sight to all infrastructure, cloud and application elements that are used across the enterprise IT environment. The technologies may or may not be directly owned or managed by central IT, but is part of the integrated framework to provide enterprise-wide visibility.
  • Vendors. With new models of working with service providers and vendors, the command center provides secure, role- and time-based access to external partners who provide IT services to the enterprise.
    The command center is a framework that brings together these elements and enables the enterprise to consolidate management across their infrastructure, tool sets, IT teams and stakeholders.



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